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Enjoy fitness gains without the pain




It's the time of the year that regular gym goers dread, as an influx of well-intentioned new members commit to losing the Christmas weight or just 'getting fit' as part of their New Year transformation. Suddenly the thing getting the most exercise is everyone's patience as you queue for the equipment to come free. The good news for gym rats is that most these new members won't last beyond the end of February. In fact, around 80% of New Year's resolutions fail. That's bad news if you've signed up to a 12 month membership contract, something that gyms rely on to keep prices down or even to stay open. In the USA, a Planet Fitness gym has, on average, around 6,500 members yet only has capacity for 300 people. Now, of course, not every member will attend at the same time but you can see that the gym management are pretty confident that they can sell way more memberships than they can accommodate. Gyms have also been criticised for targeting the types of people they know won't last beyond a few weeks. Interestingly, being locked into a contract appeals to these non-typical gym goers. By committing to 12 months of gym membership you are also implicity committing to 12 months of going to the gym. So why do so many people fail to keep up their New Year exercise regime?


Psychologist Icek Ajzen's Theory of Planned Behaviour proposes that perceived behavioural control is as important as our intentions when it comes to determining whether we carry our certain behaviours. Put simply, if we don't believe we can do something then no amount of good intentions alone will get us to do it. If you are carrying some excess weight or haven't exercised in a while then it's perfectly natural that you're going to find any form of exercise difficult to start with. Add in an exercise class full of other people who all appear to be finding it easier than you and is it any wonder that self-doubt begins to creep in and take over? Fortunately there is a way to enjoy fitness gains without the pain.


A 2019 study in Norway found that e-bike riders not only enjoyed similar health benefits to conventional cyclists but that they also ended up taking longer trips than their wholly pedal-powered cousins. The assistance provided by an e-bike's motor lets you make your rides as easy or as difficult as you choose. Hills and headwinds are no longers an issue - simply choose a higher power setting and pedal at a comfortable rate. You can do it. The self-doubt that often results in people quitting new behaviours is diminished, so the chances of you sticking to your New Year fitness or weight loss plan are improved.


If you want to find out more about e-bikes then why call into the shop for a chat. We have a limited number of e-bikes available for short term hire to people in the Preston area if you would like to try one out. Plus we can also arrange a free home demonstration where we bring a selection of different models and sizes for you to try either at home or your place of work. To find out more call 01772 659 292.

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